Ibogaine Treatment For Alcoholism

Effective Ibogaine Treatment For Alcoholism

Alcoholism impacts millions of people around the world and is a serious addiction. Is it possible to overcome this addiction and become a new person?

With ibogaine treatment for alcoholism, it is more than possible to get great results and become the person you wish to be. Alcohol does not have to control your life as long as you are thinking about this treatment.

There are various clinics around the world that provide ibogaine treatment for alcoholism. Let’s break down the treatment and how it works for those who are troubled by alcohol in their lives.

Preparatory Work For Treatment

There is preparatory work that is done before the process can commence. The patient will have an evaluation done on their body to see what has to be done and what is taking place inside. Once this is completed, the patient will then move onto the next stage where they are prepped for the treatment.

What does it mean to get prepped?

The patient will have to be off of the substance for at least one week to get started. This will be tough, but it is important to do this.

It will increase the impact of ibogaine in the system.

15 Day Program

How long is the program? It is going to vary for the person based on their case, so that has to be taken into account. However, the general timeline is set at around 15 days for the patient to go through all of the stages. The ibogaine treatment is started on the first day after the preparatory work has been completed.

You want to make sure the 15-day program is adhered to, and specialists are overlooking your case from start to finish. This is the best way to see success.

Complete Withdrawal

It is important to have a complete withdrawal when you are troubled by alcoholism. It can become a vicious cycle where your mind understands alcohol is not a good thing to be consuming all the time, but your body craves it.

Without proper withdrawal, you get back into the thick of things once again after treatment is completed.

This is why ibogaine is great because the treatment is done in a manner where you will find full value in the short and long-term.

You will get rid of the problem once and for all.

Just like any other treatment, you will have moments of hesitation, and it will feel like things are not moving ahead in the manner you had hoped. The goal is to choose a clinic where the treatment is specialized and you know they have handled similar cases in the past. You want this consistency and reliability from the clinic as that is just as important.

You don’t want to trust a clinic that does not deal with patients who are suffering from alcoholism. This is a particular addiction and should be treated by a specialist with knowledge on the subject. It increases the chances of success for you.

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The Rise Of Ibogaine Clinics

Millions of people suffer from addiction which severely impairs their ability to live a happy and fulfilling life. There are facilities all around the world to help people kick their addictions and learn to live a healthy lifestyle, but sadly many return to their old ways shortly after the treatment has ended. There has been a new substance, known as Ibogaine, that has had miraculous results for those that have used it. Due to these results Ibogaine clinics have begun to pop up around the world.

However, even though the results are heavily documented by physicians and patients alike, there is still a great deal of controversy surrounding its safety and effectiveness. A lot of the controversy surrounds the fact that Ibogaine is a drug. It is a class of drugs that has psychoactive properties, which in the United States are illegal. The class that it is labeled as leaves physicians here unable to provide prescriptions to addicts, even in a controlled setting.

Ibogaine clinics have, however, become extremely popular in other countries. Just over the border into Mexico clinics can be found that offer 5-star amenities to those that are trying to free themselves from the grips of various addictions. Some of these chemical dependencies include alcoholism, opiate addictions and more.

In the United States, there are claims that there is no verifiable evidence that the treatment works or that the risks far outweigh the benefits, but if you ask the physicians that perform the treatments they have a very different story to tell. According to these doctors, there is an extremely high success rate in those that receive the treatments.

In fact, they believe that this is the best way to address addiction, and the patients almost unanimously agree with this assertion, which should lead many to question why the United States government seemingly will not even approve the investigation into its possible benefits. If there is a way to help millions to live a life free of an addiction one would assume that it would be readily available to those who need it.

The fact is that most Americans have never even heard of this drug and its benefits, which leaves them in a position to not understand that there may be a better option available. For example, for those that face opiate addiction and find themselves unable to stay away from the drug after getting clean, their only option is to live on Saboxen, a drug that blocks their desire to use. To have a treatment that frees them from having to use another drug daily would go a long way to improving their lives.

Clearly there must be something to the claim that this substance has amazing results to help end addiction must be based on some level of fact. To say that so many have been able to improve their life by breaking addiction are imagining it simply can not be the case. The hope is that one day soon this will be available to those in the United States that desperately need an answer to addiction.

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Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Features Of The Best Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Where are the best ibogaine treatment centers in the nation? Which ones are right for you? These are things you will start to ask about after understanding the power of ibogaine and all that it brings to your life.

The main question to ask would be what are some of the features at the best centers in the world right now? You want to find these features and then start filtering out options over time. The best clinics will have all of these features without a doubt and will pay attention to getting better.

Here are those features.

Ethical Approach To Medicine

The best clinics are the ones that use ethical approaches to medicine for everything done in the clinic. They are not going to change the gameplan for patients because that does not bode well for their health. The goal is to process the patient in a professional manner and maintain ethics every step of the way.

This includes privacy and everything else about ethical codes at a state and national level.

If the clinic is not able to maintain those standards, they are not the best option and are one that should be skipped.

Competent Team

How is the team that is going to be working on your case at the clinic? It is not just about their medical competency, but about their people skills as well. Are they friendly or are they individuals who are looking to treat you like a robot? You want to go with people who are personable.

This makes the treatment easier, and you can trust their work.

Reputation is crucial, and numerous high-quality clinics can meet the standards that are now set for addiction-based options. The right one will be able to get you in front of a competent team of professionals for the ibogaine treatment.

Full Program With “After Care” Services Offered

Ibogaine treatment is not just about using the solution and then sending someone on their merry way. This is just the beginning of a longer process where “after care” is required to see how the patient is doing. Without further assessment, after the ibogaine has been taken, the patient could have issues down the road that are not being spotted by a professional.

A full program is going to have aftercare built-in, and that has to be sought out. The best clinics make sure to offer this at their location.

When searching for the best ibogaine treatment centers, you have to analyze everything as a patient. You should not look at the treatment center as the best option just because they offer a solution. A complete package is a must, and anything less than this could lead to poor results.

Do not settle for a treatment center that doesn’t have positive reviews by people with the same addiction as you. It is all about filtering out clinics that are not reputable and don’t have the quality that is needed for a patient.

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